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Transforming Los Angeles into a Massive Art Installation

2023 We The People

On February 6, 2023, The Billboard Creative (TBC) will host a billboard exhibition titled We The People featuring 30 works in a broad range of media - photography, painting, mixed media, collage, and sculpture by both emerging and established artists. Works are selected through a curated, blind submission process open to all and will be shown alongside guest artist Bryan Ida. LA: PAMP will feature the annual billboard exhibition throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Bryan Ida - Guest Artist
Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed
Jessica Alazraki
Georgi Ann Coquereau
Fred Cray
Barbara Felix
Xrstine Franco
Andy Hann
Linda Heath Clark

Matt Henry

Kay Jax
Michael Joseph
Daniel Kaven
Anthony Kurtz
Amanda Lopez
Glen R. Lyman
Emily Manwaring
Qhamanande Maswana
Rena McInerney-Olk
Diane Meyer
Meghan Mirasolo
Karen Nielsen-Fried
Maria Nikolaeva
Mezu Ofoegbu
Kate Hooray Osmond
michael rababy
joan ryan
Bad Talents
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